Ganser Share New Single/Video “What Me Worry?”

Ganser Share New Single/Video "What Me Worry?"

Chicago art rock/no wave/post punk/alt band Ganser have shared the video for their new single “What Me Worry?“.

The track features on their new EP ‘Nothing You Do Matters’ also released today, October 5 via Felte Records. Get your copy here.

“What Me Worry?” fills the space of breathlessness, a sneering romp where each line of lyric feels engaged in a mighty tug-of-war for what comes before and after, simmering with the kind of tension that Ganser has gotten great at, a tension that pushes a listener to the edge before dragging them back to firm ground.

Commenting on the track, the band’s Alicia Gaines explains:

I wanted to examine my concerns by dressing them up as a performance or talk show, to tell myself to snap out of it from the perspective of someone that knows better than I do. The smallest, personal worries can blind us to larger questions in life, they can be a distraction and nuisance like a television playing in the background. There’s the show of your life and then there’s your actual life, and the challenge is to dissect those from each other while there’s still time.

Watch/listen below.

Ganser “What Me Worry?”
Nothing You Do Matters EP Tracklist:
  1. People Watching
  2. What Me Worry?
  3. People Watching (Liars Remix)