Garage of Broken Dreams Air New Single/Video “Some Kinda Joke”

Garage of Broken Dreams Air New Single/Video "Some Kinda Joke"

Athens, GA post punk/art punk six-piede Garage of Broken Dreams have aired their new single “Some Kinda Joke” alongside an accompanying music video.

The song is taken from their double album ‘The Hard Way‘, out today (Dec 30). Get your copy here.  

Garage of Broken Dreams, feature members of Dark Meat, Mindbrains, McQQeen, Gush, Weaponized Flesh, and a myriad of other bands. With The Hard Way, the band introduces 80s new wave into their repertoire. The collection was improvised across “three sleepless days in a remote hunting lodge in rural Georgia, and maddeningly tweaked for a year thereafter.”

The video for Some Kinda Joke takes a postmodernist approach similar to the videos produced by Devo in the late 1970s-early 80s: melding 20th century stock footage visions of the future, the counterculture, and the uncouth breeding ground for today’s bleak predicament. The apocalypse has been with us a very long time. It fits well with the retro-futurism of the band’s sound.

Watch/listen below.

Garage of Broken “Some Kinda Joke”

The Hard Way Track list:

  1. the hard way
  2. some kinda joke
  3. new slow buzz
  4. creatures
  5. spanko!
  6. sassy n my pants
  7. motivation
  8. casual amorality (greazy jean)
  9. tru fax with roddy thunders
  10. fucking basic
  11. music for krogers / the frozen aisle
  12. simmer down
  13. new flow angel
  14. cougar den
  15. the 50s never happened
  16. throw it all around
  17. no flavor
  18. zobd
  19. more tru fax with roddy thunders
  20. sandbar misplannings
  21. logjammin
  22. dad’s coming home / your soul has a micropenis
  23. second suppa
  24. avuncular solutions
  25. baby i am the streets
  26. a day in the life of uncle owl
  27. where we go one we go awesome
  28. creatures 2
  29. cumberland isle
  30. selling montrose by the dook