GLOVE – Band of the Month (April)

GLOVE - Band of the Month (April)
GLOVE – Band of the Month

Our featured band this month is Tampa indie rock band Glove.

Glove are at the forefront of cutting-edge new aged nostalgia.  Funneling the feeling of a seedy nightclub into a well-polished package, the pure magnetism and style of the group won them early attention from Spotify’s New Noise playlist for their single “Behaviour.

Formed in Tampa, FL, and made up of Rod Wendt, Brie Deux and Justin Burns, Glove are a fluid unit wherein there is not a singular front person.

Rod Wendt, Brie Deux and Michelle Primiani began playing music together in 2017 and shortly thereafter found their missing piece, Justin Burns, to form the modern dystopian bliss that is Glove.

The stylish and magnetic 4-piece group underscores the best of the 1980’s synthetic new wave sound with a contemporary rock n’ roll edge that is sure to propel the band to the forefront of the alternative rock genre. 


The band’s debut album Boom Nights, produced by Cage The Elephant’s Brad Shultz is out now. The nine-track project is a taste of the alt-rock/synthwave niche dominated by the group. The all-out dystopian rapture of this album is uniquely captured in a concise and addictive package.

On the album release, the band said:

Boom Nights is a collection of songs meant to be ambiguous. We believe it’s important for the listener to be able to interpret the songs however resonates with them. Boom Nights could be the best or worst night of your life.”

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