Go Season Airs “Super 8” Music Video

Go Season Airs "Super 8" Music Video

Australian jangle pop/indie pop musician Joel Carr aka Go Season (fka English Summer) has aired the video for his latest single “Super 8“.

The track, written & recorded by Carr, is part of our current playlist and came out last week (Aug 22), it follows last’s month single “Moving On“. Get it here.

Speaking about it, Carr shared:

“we’ll engage in champagne in the Algiers sands, as the fog of war looms between us”

I wrote this in one night on a SQ80 onto my laptop which packed it in the next day, leaving me unable to track guitars afterwards as the project file was not backed up. I might re-do it at some point, but for now its a lo-fi Lost Film meets Far Caspian/Radio Dept. synth beat with stream of consciousness lyrics.

Watch the video below.

Go Season “Super 8”