Grazia Air New Single/Video “Cheap”

Grazia Air New Single/Video "Cheap"

London garage punk/trash pop duo Grazia, made up of Heather Dunlop and Lindsay Corstorphine, have aired their new single “Cheap” alongside an accompanying video.

The track is the lead single from their upcoming debut EP ‘In Poor Taste‘, which will hit the stores on February 2 via Feel It Records. Pre-order it here.

Written and recorded by the duo, the EP pulls inspiration from the high and low brow, but mostly the low. Grazia pays homage to everything from The Fall to cheap lingerie brands in a campy pastiche of 80’s new wave and pop. In Poor Taste is all about having a lot of fun while delving into your worst, core self.

Commenting on the track, Corstorphine said:

‘Cheap’ was the first Grazia song Heather and I wrote together and set the template and tone for how the rest of the tunes would be – simple but catchy parts, clean guitars played hard, pop-inspired arrangements. No songs longer than 2.5 minutes. Musically, it was partly inspired by the playlist at The Anchored Inn in NYC on NYE last year – some great punk and new wave numbers I’d never heard before that I was shamelessly Shazamming every 5 minutes. I was aiming at this lost euro killed by death classic sort of sound, maybe a bit of X in there too.”

The video was

Watch/listen below.

The duo will be opening for The Tubs and @fn.d.m at the The Shacklewell Arms on February 7.

In Poor Taste Tracklist:

  1. Cheap
  2. Speed Freak
  3. Thistle
  4. Stupid Paradise

Photo credit: Robin Silas