H.L.M. Reveal “Grenoble (The Hacker Remix)”

H.L.M. Reveals "Grenoble (The Hacker Remix)"

Berlin-based French duo H.L.M. (Haute Lévitation Mutée), the project of Guillaume Laidain & Andrew Claristidge, have revealed their new track “Grenoble (The Hacker Remix)“.

The tune features on the ‘Grenoble EP’, which will be released on 21st April via Milk Me. Pre-order your copy here.

“An apartment building, floors, songs. In the stairwell, a meeting: sound artist, radio interference manipulator and musician-producer-arranger. The bass escapes from the cellar and vibrates along the corridors. A door opens, oscillations swirl, clash, and blur the tracks. A voice rises. Concrete architecture. Bodies armed for expression. In the distance, the echo of a rave party.”

Alongside with the French electro luminary The Hacker remix , the ‘Grenoble’ EP features remixes by Arnaud Rebotini and Pablo Bozzi.

Stream “Grenoble (The Hacker Remix)” below.

H.L.M. “Grenoble (The Hacker Remix)”