Hallan Premiere New Single “The Colline Gate”

Hallan Premiere New Single "The Colline Gate"

Portsmouth indie rock/alt/post punk band Hallan have premiered their new single “The Colline Gate”.

The song is out now via Nice Swan Records and is taken from their upcoming EP ‘The Noise of a Firing Gun‘, due to be released on June 9. Get it here.

Teaming with the cult indie label for their brand new extended release, ‘The Colline Gate’ sees the upstarts equipped with new sounds and inspired by ancient events, introducing listeners to a noise inspired by electronic music of the eighties fused with Hallan’s familiar post-punk guitar sound, all of which are present within their new EP as they venture into new audible terrain.

Speaking ahead of its release, charismatic frontman Conor Clements stated:

The sinister and foreboding shadow of The Colline Gate remains cast upon the terrifying truth that lurks beneath. Our foray into a more electronic sound comes by way of Ancient Rome’s debauched past times and the Vestal Virgins who met their untimely end beneath this mysterious landmark.

The Vestals of Rome embodied both purity and sanctity, tending to the flame of Vesta as untouchable priestesses. Vestals found to break Rome’s strict rules were subject to a live burial beneath The Colline Gate.

Behold our tribute.

Take a listen below.