Hatif Unleash Visuals For “Tunnels and the Desert Too”

Hatif Unleash Visuals For "Tunnels and the Desert Too"

Swedish electronic duo Hatif, made up of Markus Majdalani and Johan Eckerström, have unleashed visuals for their latest single “Tunnels and the Desert Too”.

The track is taken from their recent EP ‘Silent Elevators‘, released in November last year via Town And Towers Records. Grab it here.

This visual loop blends the song’s harsh sounds with its lyrical themes, creating a layered audio-visual experience.

“Tunnels and the Desert Too” explores themes of loss and the search. The song’s repetitiveness enhances these ideas, reflecting a struggle to reconnect and to find direction.

Emerging in 2020, Hatif has forged a distinct identity within the electronic music landscape, while simultaneously resonating deeply with the broader indie and post-punk community. Their latest visualizer exemplifies their fusion of sound and visual artistry. Dark, tense and electronic. Themes revolving around our time, attempts to reach each other, rebellion and resistance.

Watch the clip below.

Hatif “Tunnels and the Desert Too”

Silent Elevators Tracklist:

  1. Disappear in Seoul
  2. Tunnels and the Desert Too
  3. On the Peripheral
  4. Cypress

Photo credit: Daniel Kwon