Have A Good Day Share Debut Single/Video “Somebody, Nobody”

Have A Good Day Share Debut Single/Video "Somebody, Nobody"

Perth-based indie pop project Have A Good Day (combining the brilliance and feel-good energy of James MacCallum and Luke Minness), have shared their debut single ‘Somebody, Nobody’, and its accompanying video.

From dazzling synths and the captivating vocal delivery from MacCallum to its energetic beat and anthemic chorus layered with vocal harmonies, the single is reminiscent of 2010s pop and the playfulness of the 2000s.

‘Somebody, Nobody’ is about the love and space one’s support system fills after a relationship has ended. It explores how the connection to one’s own body, the connection to nature and to loved ones can help bring life into perspective.

Breaking down the process of learning about yourself as somebody and as a nobody within the world around you, Have A Good Day brings these emotions to light and how it can be a positive experience.

The Marcus Wong-directed video enhances the tune. Set in a studio space, MacCallum and Minness fill the whole space with movement. Starting softly the verse floats through the white-walled studio before being met with the burst of the chorus.

Get it here and watch/listen below.

Have A Good Day “Somebody Nobody”