Headman Unveils New Single “Not About”

Headman Unveils New Single "Not About"

Swiss-born visual artist/DJ/producer and Relish Label owner Headman (aka Robi Insinna) has unveiled his new single “Not About“.

This is the first track from the new Headman single called Not About, including original vocal, dub version and 2 remixes. it is also the 2nd single taken from the upcoming Headman album.

The original instrumental was released in 2015, Robi Insinna has now reworked and added vocals to this version. The dub has stripped down vocals and goes in to a more Detroit Techno dancefloor direction. Exterminador has done 2 remixes. Remix 1’s spherical and hypnotical melody evokes memories of Chris & Cosey. Remix 2 has a more distorted vibe but still keeps an ethereal retro atmosphere.

Exterminador (deutsch: Kammerjäger) is Italian born Mario Resta, now Berliner-by- choice. He collected his arts and crafts working in record stores, collaborating and DJing. He released on Marcel Dettmann‘s imprint Bad Manners and runs his own label under the same Exterminador monicker.

Take a listen below.


01. Headman-Not About
02. Headman-Not About Dub
03. Headman-Not About (Exterminador Remix 1)
04. Headman-Not About (Exterminador Remix 2)