Headman Unveils New Single “Sometimes” Featuring Vongold

Headman Unveils New Single "Sometimes" Featuring Vongold

Swiss-born visual artist/DJ/producer and Relish Label owner Headman (aka Robi Insinna) has unveiled his new single “Sometimes“, featuring Mexican DJ and producer Vongold on vocals.

Sometimes is inspired by the 90s, as Headman recalls them, a mix of Indie and dance electronica. The song is out now through Relish featuring a remix by Leipzig’s duo New Hook and an extra track called Live120. Grab it here.

New Hook, the female power-force DJ and producer duo gave the original track an even more 90s dance spin.

Take a listen now.

Sometimes is the third single of Headman’s upcoming album (TBA), we have already heard his previous tracks “Not About“ and “No Surprises“.

Live120 is also taken from the upcoming album and it could be described as a classic Headman track. Live Bass, a forward thumping beat and some electronic overtones.

Sometimes EP Tracklist:

1. Sometimes feat Vongold
2. Sometimes Dub feat Vongold
3. Sometimes feat Vongold (New Hook Remix)
4. Live 120

About Headman

Robi Insinna, artist/DJ/producer and Relish Label owner helped forge the early 2000’s disco-punk aesthetic with tracks such as It Rough, B.S.W.D. and many remixes under his Headman/Manhead alias. Relish still paints itself as somewhat of a project rather than a label, with a defined ethos, with special editions and visual. The label keeps busy discovering and releasing international talents.