Headshrinkers Unveil New Single “Bang Bang”

Headshrinkers Unveil New Single "Bang Bang"

West Midlands based indie band Headshrinkers have unveiled their new single “Bang Bang” and its accompanying video.

The song is out now and is the follow-up to “How They Built Rome”, released earlier this year. Get it here.

Headshrinkers emerged in 2019, hailing from working-class roots in the Black Country, West Midlands. Headshrinkers infuse their music with a rhythmic and chaotically nurtured noise, interwoven with alluring poetry.

Garnering recognition in their local music scene and beyond, Headshrinkers have extensively toured the UK, as well as playing at European festivals including Vestrock and Sneister Festival.

Commenting on the track, they say:

“Bang Bang is simply about wanting to enjoy yourself and to want to forget what is negative in your own world. It can be severely detrimental to constantly dwell on life’s lulls. It’s a song about wanting to see friends, family and not wanting fun times to end. Bang Bang also comments on how it’s the people that make the greatest moments, not where you are – so wherever you’re from, it’s important to enjoy yourself.

You can’t help how you feel when you wake up, some days are good, some days are bad, but it’s about taking life by the horns, not taking yourself too seriously and trying to enjoy it -because tomorrow is not promised.”


Headshrinkers “Bang Bang”

Headshrinkers Upcoming Live Dates

Aug 27th – Birmingham, What’s Happening Weekender
Sept 2nd – Brighton – The Pipeline
Sept 14th London – Sebright Arms