Heartworms Releases New Single/Video “24 Hours”

Heartworms Releases New Single/Video "24 Hours"

South London post punk/alt musician Heartworms has released the video for her new single “24 Hours”.

The song features on her debut EP ‘A Comforting Notion‘, out today, March 24 via Speedy Wunderground. Buy it here

A Comforting Notion finds Jojo working with the label’s founder – and a long term influence of hers – Dan Carey across four tracks of mesmeric, gothic-sounding post-rock and punk.

Speaking about the track and the Gilbert Trejo directed video, Heartworms says:

‘24 Hours’ is about general struggles of teenage growth, secondary school and moments of regret. I wanted the video to be in a school, which was a clear vision I had before the EP was officially recorded with Dan [Carey]. Gilbert instantly clicked with the idea I had, we both are on the same level in vision and expectations, the same as Dan and I.

She continues:

Gilbert and I came into contact with each other through Instagram by following me and buying a t-shirt, which led to us talking about working with each other and making a music video. Gilbert, with kindness and vision for Heartworms, just wanted to help create something special. The way he works in favour of the artist, he doesn’t want to take over, he wants to bring to life the small spark that starts in the soul of the artist. He’s a genius

Gilbert adds: “Working with Heartworms has been incredibly natural. Being so singular in her vision and having such a strong voice, she knows exactly what she wants and has the strength as a performer to do anything. This video is one of those rare occasions where everyone came together to shoot exactly what was in our heads from the very beginning.”

Watch/listen below.

Heartworms “24 Hours” video.


  1. Consistent Dedication
  2. Retributions of an Awful Life
  3. A Comforting Notion
  4. 24 Hours