Hello Pity Air New Single “C’est l’amour”

Hello Pity Air New Single "C’est l’amour"

Berlin post punk four-piece Hello Pity have aired their new single “C’est l’amour“.

The track features on their forthcoming debut album ‘Naked‘, due to be released on 13th October via Duchess Box Records. Pre-order your copy here.

Hello Pity blend a mix of misfit post punk, goth and indie into their music, and have a reputation for mayhem at shows and leaving an audience wanting more. They have recently released “An Idea of Guilt” – Part 2, their collaborative single with The KVB.

C’est l’amou” was inspired by a short story from 19th Century French poet Theophile Gautier, called La Morte amoureuse which in English is known as The Dead Woman in Love. Its the classic story of a Priest who falls in love with a woman who visits him during his sleep, though she turns out to be a vampire and this is where love and death meet.

Lead vocalist Colin, explains: “Its A refection of the love/death (Eros/Thanatos) pulsions at play in relationships; i was going through hell to get out of my love for someone, and all the song lyrics came together as such”.

Take a listen below.

Hello Pity “C’est l’amour”
Naked Tracklist:
  1. An Idea of Guilt
  2. winter swelter
  3. John
  4. Naked in a Field
  5. C’est l’amour
  6. Palingenesis
  7. Happiness
  8. WeepSleep
  9. Ms 45
  10. Eros

Photo credit: Martyn Goodacre