Holm Releases New Single “The Wig”

Holm Reveals New Single "The Wig"

Holm the solo project by Mikkel Holm Silkjær (from Danish indie rock band Yung) has released his new single “The Wig“.

It’s the second taste of his sophomore album ‘Alien Health‘, set to arrive on September 8 through PNKSLM Recordings. Pre-order your copy here.

On ‘Alien Health’, Holm continues to step away from his group’s predilection for taut rock and roll and instead embracing a different side of his musical personality, one defined by his sharp ear for a hook, as well as – crucially – his burgeoning ability as an expressive lyricist. Alien Health is full of melodic and addictive cuts and is a honest, reflective, and emotionally-charged body of work.

Stream it below.

Holm “The Wig”

When he sat down in Fall 2020 to write ‘Alien Health’ — his bright and hook-laden sophomore album as Holm — it was in the midst of a peculiar affliction. “I couldn’t really listen to music,” he explains, describing a lonely and despairing period endured while living in Copenhagen, feeling cut off from the world, and dwelling on perceived mistakes from his past. “The past few years were incredibly rough for everyone,” says Silkjær, but as an artist, I found it breathtakingly hard.”

Abandoning his trusty guitar pedals and Fender amp, Silkjær turned to the “thicker” sounds of a Marshall stack for extra girth – and permitted no dubs over the recordings. “What you hear is the four of us playing in a room together,” he says of these powerful, angular, succinct garage rock numbers. “It’s genuine. It’s honest.” Despite only three days of practice, the band completed all but one track in five days.