Holy Holy Release New Single “Pretend To Be”

Holy Holy Release New Single "Pretend To Be"

Aussie indie rock/alt duo Holy Holy (made up of Oscar Dawson and Timothy Carroll) have released their new single “Pretend To Be“, off their forthcoming fifth studio album.

Speaking about it, frontman Tim Carroll says:

We were going for a ‘sing-along in the amphitheatre of a huge festival’-type song. The chorus is a group-sung chant that feels good from the first time you hear it. This song was one of those rare ones where we had the chorus lyrics first – ‘You are what you pretend to be’. I heard that somewhere and knew I wanted to make it a chorus. It’s a song about the two sides of that idea. The first is the ‘fake it till you make it’ idea; do something you don’t know how to for long enough, and you eventually master it. You become, by pretending, the real thing.”

Grab it here and watch a lyric video below.

Holy Holy “Pretend To Be”