Holy Ship Details Debut Album ‘Beyond Frames’, Shares “Imitation”

Holy Ship Details Debut Album 'Beyond Frames', Shares "Imitation"

Stockholm based indie rock/psychedelic/shoegaze artist Jonatan Westh aka Holy Ship has revealed details of his highly-anticipated debut album ‘Beyond Frames‘.

The 9-track record, produced Jonatan Westh and Henrik Sunbring, will be out on January 19 via Declared Goods. Pre-order your copy here.

As the captain of creativity, Westh, dons multiple hats—frontman, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and engineer—all in one harmonious ensemble. Holy Ship, whose sound crosses the psychedelic worlds of the 60s/70s, seamlessly navigates the rhythmic landscape of the 90s and orchestrates the mystical melodies of Eastern music, culminating in the raw power of the industrial soundscape. Where the structure of the songs works as a web of contrasts, and where the chaotic and the meditative coexist to create a dynamic that entices the listener to explore both their own thoughts but also a wider perspective.

Beyond Frames is not just an album; it’s a journey through uncharted musical waters, where boundaries fade and imagination takes flight. The record captures an extensive sound world from Holy Ship, intertwining conventional instruments with an experimental spirit.

Westh has also shared his new single “Imitation“, speaking about it he says:

“This song is about the complexities that arise when trying to unite with the forms and structures that prevail in society. Man has constructed a dysfunctional reality characterized by a lack of formativeness, with the aim of streamlining our existence. The price we pay is the freedom to be creative like a child, to have room to fail and to develop one’s unique characteristics. We’re indoctrinated from a young age to fit in. For whose sake, we do not know. What leads us into this captivity is shrouded in obscurity. We are molded at the cost of our artistic, soulful and spiritual freedom. By seeking justice in the freedom, there may be an opportunity to see through this life fraud.”

Listen to the track below, followed by the album’s artwork and tracklist.

Holy Ship ‘Beyond Frames’ Tracklist:
  1. Comprehend The End
  2. Vision Quest
  3. Godless You!
  4. Hail Haze
  5. Imitation
  6. Beyond Frames
  7. Diabolicandy
  8. Prodigal Son
  9. The Toronto Blessing