Holy Ship Shares New Single “Comprehend The End”

Holy Ship Shares New Single "Comprehend The End"

Stockholm based indie rock/psychedelic/shoegaze artist Jonatan Westh aka Holy Ship has shared his new single “Comprehend The End“.

The track is taken from his highly-anticipated debut album ‘Beyond Frames‘, out today, January 19 via Declared Goods. Get your copy here.

Beyond Frames captures an extensive sound world from Holy Ship, intertwining conventional instruments with an experimental spirit. Westh, as the conductor of this chaos, leads the listener through an exciting journey of sound and opens doors to a world where creativity knows no bounds. He challenges norms and fuses genres, making this record a kind of manifesto engraved in vinyl. It personifies the spirit of devotion and liberation, where every note and every sound weaves a tale of creation and sonic exploration.

Delve into the lyrical labyrinth of Holy Ship’s musical narrative, where the quest for belonging collides with the rigid constraints of societal norms. In this sonic tapestry, we find ourselves entangled in a web of self-imposed rules, stifling the very creativity that sets us free. The pursuit of truth becomes a convoluted journey, riddled with tempting yet deceptive shortcuts that lead astray.

Take a listen below.

Holy Ship “Comprehend The End”
Beyond Frames Tracklist:
  1. Comprehend The End
  2. Vision Quest
  3. Godless You!
  4. Hail Haze
  5. Imitation
  6. Beyond Frames
  7. Diabolicandy
  8. Prodigal Son
  9. The Toronto Blessing