Home Counties Return With New Single “Bethnal Green”

Home Counties Return With New Single "Bethnal Green"

London-based indie rock/punk/alt band Home Counties have returned with their new single “Bethnal Green“.

The song is out now via Submarine Cat Music and is the first taste of their hihgly-anticipated debut full-length album. Buy it here.

Growing up together in a small village outside of Buckinghamshire, there’s a sense of shared experience and easy camaraderie in the heart of Home Counties: a band combining a lyrical eye for life’s smaller moments with a musical sensibility that’s increasingly prioritising synths, hooks and the power of a good time.

“l don’t really consider us a guitar outfit anymore. We want to be a more melodic band, with pop tunes and catchy songs,” explains vocalist/guitarist Will Harrison. “We just love songs that are dancey and we want our gigs to be fun.”

With the band recently moved to London, new track ‘Bethnal Green’ shines a relatable light on the capital with the same complexity and passion for specifics that Home Counties’ early material showed their hometown. Those tell-tale punctuation marks are still there as they prepare to release their debut album in 2024: an eye for the day-to-day, all-too-relatable details of crap modern living. However, combined with catchy melodies, the payoff is one of joy rather than despair. Or, as guitarist/vocalist Conor Kearney succinctly sums up the current ethos of the band, “My life is ruined cos I can’t afford rent, but I’m gonna dance about it.” 

Watch the Michael Upson-directed video below.

Photo: @homecountiesmusic