Husbands Release New Single “Ghost Machine”

Husbands Release New Single "Ghost Machine"

Oklahoma City bedroom pop/lo-fi duo Husbands, made up of Wil Norton (vocals, guitar) and Danny Davis (vocals, guitar, synth), have released their new single “Ghost Machine“.

The song, written by Danny Davis, Wil Norton, Alberto Roubert and Zach Zeller, is out now via Cowboy 2.0. The band are currently working on their next album.

The b-side is an acoustic remake of the band’s first song “Pro Ocean”, release via bandcamp in 2013.

Buy it here and stream it below.

Husbands “Ghost Machine” Lyrics:

Closer now
You can feel that weighing down
So can I, from the outside, a long time but

I’m not gonna let it go, i’m not gonna let it go (x2)

Closer now
you may feel that way now but
Funny how when it turns, you’re on time. well,

I’m not gonna let it go, I’m not gonna let it go (x2)

And if you’re out there listening I love ya
Do you feel the same for me
I can almost hear you singing
Oh oh oh oh
If you ever need a friend to talk to
there are ghosts in this old machine
Still alive and always breathing
And I will never let it go