Isaac Neilson Unveil New Single “Tear This Down”

Isaac Neilson Unveil New Single "Tear This Down"

Buxton-based indie rock artist Isaac Neilson has unveiled his new single “Tear This Down“.

‘Tear This Down’ is three minutes of driving guitars and Neilson’s trademark effortless vocal range. it’s the first track in which Neilson hasn’t exclusively done everything himself, and it also earmarks a definite step-up in his musical output.

Being lucky enough to work with a producer (Matt Taylor), mixing engineer (Cameron Craig), and mastering engineer (Katie Tavini) who’ve worked on Grammy winning records, a multitude of No. 1s, really reflects your true self” Neilson explains.

 “When people of this calibre are working on a track, there’s nothing to hide behind, and the quality of the result can only be bottlenecked by you, it’s a tremendous learning experience, and hugely exciting to work with people whose work you’ve loved for years! This is just the beginning and I know it will only go up with the tracks to come next…

Buy it here and take a listen below.

Isaac cut his teeth in studios, working with a multitude of talented artists, and slowly unravelling the mythical craft of songwriting. Now striking out on his own, Isaac plans to forge his own path whilst writing his own indie rock ‘n’ roll saga.

In six short months Isaac Neilson has unearthed the foundation of a lyrical voice which has taken him from the insulating comfort of bedroom production, to thundering festivals alongside legends such as Stereophonics, Anne Marie, Jake Bugg, The Human League, and of course most importantly – Sugababes.