Iv/An Unleashes New Track “Tko?”

Iv/An Unleashes New Track "Tko?"
Iv/An “Tko?”

Zagreb minimal synth/electronic musician Iv/An has unleashed his new track “Tko?“.

Commenting on the track, Iv/An explains:

“Tko?” (“Who?”) was written on the subject of superficiality in human relationships… It is about identity crisis, social network and the absence of communication.”

“The phrase “Zar nas dvoje nismo dovoljan program?” (“Aren’t the two of us enough of a programme?”) originates from a disturbing 1984 TV film by Jovan Jovanović – “Pejzaži u magli” (“Landscapes In The Mist”), about a group of youths descending into heavy drug addiction. The phrase stayed in my head for quite some time and in the end inspired the song.”

This is a new slightly remixed version from the forthcoming micro-edition 3″ CD, out soon. The original version appears on Iv/An’s recent album “Razmišljajmo o nečem drugom” (“Let’s Think About Something Else”).

Take a listen below.