Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders Airs “The Witching Hour”

Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders Airs "The Witching Hour"

Glasgow-based indie rock/experimental rock/alt pop artist Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders has aired his new single “The Witching Hour“, and its accompanying music video.

The Classic-Rock-tinged track (think of Rush, Marillion…) is out now, grab it here.

Commenting on the track, Jack says:

This song has been nearly three years in the making from messing around with a synth arpeggiator in my old Manchester flat, recording a terrible mid-lockdown demo then briefly staying in Liverpool and getting to record at Whitewood Studios courtesy of a BC Camplight recommendation, then filming our best video yet with Hamish Macleod.

Been a pretty crazy ride, at one point I didn’t think it would ever see the light of day because it didn’t sound like anything i’d done before and then the self doubt kicks in and you push the ‘out there’ ideas down and try to conform to your personalised idea of self.

But the band’s encouragement made me realise none of that matters and your creations are unique to you no matter how differing they may feel.

Watch/listen below.

It follows the release of his cover version of Pink Floyd‘s classic “Breathe (In The Air).

Jack Wakeman “The Witching Hour” Lyrics:

It comes in the night,
close the door and keep your eyes shut tight,
for the hour is approaching,
and the banshee screams

Now I know,
what it’s called,
hallowed name

And while we’re asleep,
the hauntings of our mind will keep,
us trapped in between this world,
and the dream world,
with no hope of an ending,
we must wait in limbo ‘till it’s over,
until the morning comes

Now I know,
what it’s called,
hallowed name,
witching hour

I believe, oh I believe in love.
On the horizon lies the, on the horizon lies the dawn
With the dawn it brings the, with the dawn it bring the light, la la la la light
With the light it brings the, with the light it brings the horns
Seven horns to break the black sky falling down, but I will not heed the call
Because I’ve learnt to love myself and I’ve learnt to love the beast
I’m a happier heathen now than I ever was at peace,
now I must face the night and stop being a coward and even learn to love the witching hour