Javier Ferreira & MMYYLO Reveal New Single “Can’t Hear You”

Javier Ferreira & MMYYLO Reveal New Single "Can't Hear You"
Javier Ferreira & MMYYLO “Can’t Hear You”

Argentina-born, Spain-based electronic music producer Javier Ferreira & French producer MMYYLO their collaborative new track “Can’t Hear You“.

The spooky & cinematic dark disco heater features on the upcoming EP of the same name, out October 18th via Catalan label Side UP Works. Pre-order it here.

This explosive work contains two very strong original tracks, that are accompanied by more heavy artillery from the hand of the renowned Mexican producer Cabizbajo, another monster of Dark Disco that brings a super powerful and demolishing remix, but the thing does not stop there, Kat Yusti Colombian dj and producer who, influenced by Post Punk, Darkwave and Cold Wave, brings even more consistency to the EP and gives us a dark and electrifying piece, to put the strawberry on the cake and make this new work of Side UP Works is simply great.

Take a listen below.

Cant Hear You EP Tracklist:

  1. Cant Hear You
  2. The Unprevent
  3. Can’t Hear You (Cabizbajo Remix)
  4. The Unprevent (Kat Yusti Remix)

Javier Ferreira was born in Buenos Aires in 1983. He started his career electronic music by producing his tracks on the world’s top renowned labels such as Suara, Amazing Records, Ninefont, Mini-tech, Malatoid, Creepy Finger, Dilek, Unique Community, among others. In Argentina Javier is renowned and respected for his work as a mastering engineer and also as an instructor of electronic music production.