Johnny Dynamite & The Bloodsuckers Announce ‘The Tale of Tommy Gunn’

Johnny Dynamite & The Bloodsuckers Announce 'The Tale of Tommy Gunn'

Brooklyn, NY synth pop/lo-fi band Johnny Dynamite & the Bloodsuckers have announced the release of their third studio album ‘The Tale of Tommy Gunn‘ and have shared the video for the lead single “Lakehouse“.

Johnny Dynamite is the solo alias of synth-centric singer/songwriter and producer John Morisi, though at times Dynamite is joined by his band “The Bloodsuckers”. Inspired by the illustrative work of his grandfather, acclaimed comic book artist, and Brooklyn native Pete Morisi, Dynamite took on the name of one of his most iconic characters, an anti-hero detective from the underworld; “Johnny Dynamite”.

Emerging in the mid-2010s as a staple of the Greater New York DIY basement scene, Dynamite eventually settled in Brooklyn himself. Laying down roots after years of touring, Dynamite has taken time to develop his mostly self-recorded craft through setting up small bedroom studios across the city (wherever he resides) as well as making a name for himself playing out with his band, establishing his love of rock n’ roll.

The follow-up to 2021’s Sleeveless will be out on September 8 through Born Losers Records. Grab it here.

Check out the video for “Lakehouse” below, followed by the album’s tracklist and artwork.

The Tale of Tommy Gunn Tracklist:

  1. Close To Me
  2. Love In New Madrid
  3. Seventeen
  4. Devilish
  5. Two Doves
  6. Lullabies & Nightmares
  7. Childhood Mutations
  8. That Door
  9. Lakehouse
  10. Star Sixty Nine
  11. Waste Me
  12. Feeding The Night