JUNO Release New Single “Everything I Need”

JUNO Release New Single "Everything I Need"

Liverpool based indie/alternative/nu-gaze band JUNO have released their catchy new single “Everything I Need“.

The track, produced by Ruben Angress/Richie Kennedy, and mastered by Mark Gardiner (Ride), is out now. It follows their September’s release “One More Time”.

JUNO consists of Max Mullen (vocals), Ben Coles (guitar), George Vinall (guitar), Will Clawson (drums), and Tom Greathead (bass). Influenced by the soaring guitar tones of the shoegaze movement, upbeat rhythms and intricate bass lines, the band amalgamates the ambience of the 90s with the drive of the modern alternative scene.

Of the track, Max says:

“The song is an energetic yet soppy ode to the true essence of love, poking fun at the triviality of lavish gifts and presents compared to the authenticity of genuine affection. The song was built around the intro guitar line which was layered with a dualling guitar melody and intricate bassline. After messing with it in the rehearsal room we had the meandering verse lyric and hook of the chorus. We love playing this one live as the high energy and soppy lyrics do make it feel like an indie anthem.”

Get the track here and take a listen below.

JUNO Upcoming Live Dates

2nd December – Goa Express support, EBGBS, Liverpool
8th December – Headshrinkers support, Katie Fitzgerald’s, Stourbridge

Photo credit: Nathan Cole