KILL, THE ICON! Air New Single/Video “Deathwish”

KILL, THE ICON! Air New Single/Video "Deathwish"

London-based synth-punk band KILL, THE ICON! have aired their new single “Deathwish” and its accompanying video.

The track features on their upcoming debut EP ‘Your Anger Is Rational‘, due out June 2nd on Blaggers Records and follows last month’s single “Heavy Heart“. Get it here.

Taking cues from the likes of dance-punk predecessors The Rapture and LCD Soundsystem, this kitschy punk anthem plays on the more serious themes of racism, whilst remaining surprisingly catchy. Injected with disco drums and glam-rock synths, KILL, THE ICON! have crafted an anthem that is equal parts playful and cathartic.

‘Deathwish’ takes inspiration from Joshi’s parents experiences of overt racism in England in the 70s compared to his own experiences of more subtle racism.

Joshi says:  ‘I wanted to show the contrast between the subtle racism that I’ve faced all my life – being passed over for jobs, and ahem, gigs – compared to my parents who were actively shunned while they were settling in.’

Watch/listen below.

 ‘Your Anger Is Rational’ is as much of a musical endeavour as it is a thoughtful interrogation into the power structures that underpin modern Britain. The EP explores Britain’s relationship with fascism, and how it changes shape via slippery politicians and skinheads alike.

Joshi views the band as a conduit for the nation’s anger therapy: ‘There is a sense of helplessness and hopelessness in modern Britain, which seems to only be getting sharper and sharper by the day. Workers across industries are going on strike. People have been simmering in misery for the last decade of austerity, and now they’re suitably furious. So we’ve embraced the spirit of punk, and we’re using our platform as a positive act of rebellion.’