KILL, THE ICON! Unleash New Single/Video “Heavy Heart”

KILL, THE ICON! Unleash New Single/Video "Heavy Heart"

London-based synth-punk band KILL, THE ICON! have unleashed the video for their new single “Heavy Heart“.

it is the second single taken from their upcoming debut EP ‘Your Anger Is Rational‘, out June 2nd on Blaggers Records. Get it here.

Taking cues from the likes of dance-punk predecessors The Rapture and LCD Soundsystem, this kitschy punk anthem plays on the more serious themes of racism, whilst remaining surprisingly catchy. Injected with disco drums and glam-rock synths, KILL, THE ICON! have crafted an anthem that is equal parts playful and cathartic.

Speaking about his inspiration behind the track, lead singer Nishant Joshi states:

‘I was faced with racial slurs when I was younger, but nobody has uttered a racial epithet to my face for many years. But, I know the racists who existed in the 90s are still alive and well. They didn’t die out all of a sudden, and neither did their ideas. So, the point of this song is that everyone acknowledges that racists exist. But nobody will ever admit to being racist – so where did they all go? My answer is that they all wear disguises: as politicians, right-wing journalists, and talking heads for shady think-tanks. The brazen racism has retreated into the shadows, and subtle racism has taken over.

Heavy Heart is a sardonic call-to-arms for racists: say it loud, say it proud. Come out of the shadows, and into the light once again where we can all see you. Subtle racism is a true scourge of our times, because it’s impossible to point your finger at any given incident. It then makes you doubt your entire worldview, because you’ve not closed that feedback loop. So there’s a generation of PoC living in marginalized communities in the UK who haven’t been called a racial epithet, yet still they can detect rooms where something just feels off. Heavy Heart explores why that may be.’

Speaking about the message behind the video, Joshi says:

“Many of the people in this video will be your friends, colleagues and politicians. We have to share trains, offices and restaurants with these people on a daily basis. Heavy Heart aims a nod towards the power structures that depend on racist outcomes, as well as pointing out some of the more comical situations that the so-called Alt-Right find themselves in.”

Watch /listen below.

KILL, THE ICON! are: Nishant Joshi (bass/vocals), Florin Constantin Pascu (drums), and Ian Flynn (synth)

KILL, THE ICON! Upcoming Live Dates

Arcabaleno, Brighton – 13th May