1. AUS!Funkt ‘Pay To Play’ EP // ‘Post-Stagnation’ EP // ‘Hey! I See You’ EP// ‘Human Response’ EP [art-disco/post punk/electro]
  2. Boys’ Shorts ‘New Era’ EP [electronic/nu disco]
  3. CDSM  ‘Hell Stairs’ EP (Mothland and Exag’ Records) [post punk]
  4. cindygod ‘EP 3’ [post punk/dream pop/experimental]
  5. Circa Waves ‘The Hell On Earth’ EP [indie rock]
  6. Cucamaras  ‘Soft Soap’ EP (Exag’ Records) [indie/post punk]
  7. DEADLETTER  ‘Heat!’ EP (SO Recordings) [post punk]
  8. Declan Welsh and The Decadent West  ‘Impermanency’ EP [indie rock/post punk]
  9. deep tan  ‘diamond horsetail’ EP (Practise Music) [post punk/atmospheric pop]
  10. East. ‘Joys and Clouds’ EP [post punk/cold indie wave]
  11. Folly Group  ‘Human and Kind’ EP (Technicolour) [post punk/punk]
  12. French Police ‘1995’ EP [indie rock/post punk]
  13. Grim Streaker ‘MIND’ EP (Mothland) [art punk/new wave]
  14. Handful of Snowdrops ‘Hope™’ [post punk/wave]
  15. Haunt Me ‘Wish You Were Here’ EP [new wave/post-punk]
  16. Hause Plants  ‘Sleeping With Weird People’ EP (Spirit Goth) [dream pop/indie]
  17. Hollow Graves ‘Heatwave’ EP [indie rock/new wave/post punk]
  18. Hotel ‘Night Swim’ EP [indie pop/rock]
  19. L’objectif  ‘We Aren’t Getting Out but Tonight We Might’ EP (Chess Club Records) [indie rock]
  20. Local Suicide ‘Eros Anikate – Adonis Remixes’ EP (Iptamenos Discos)
  21. Locust Revival ‘Your Delusions Are Not Mine’ EP [post punk/dream pop/goth]
  22. lostboy  ‘Love Among Angry People’ EP [indie rock]
  23. Makeout City ‘Winter Tapes’ EP // ‘Pretty Blue’ EP [lo-fi/dream pop/shoegaze]
  24. METAL DISCO EBM Workout’ EP (Werkstatt Recordings) [dark electronic/minimal synth]
  25. Missvnaries ov Charity ‘Hvmanity as a hole’ EP (Detriti Records)  [post punk]
  26. Nixer  ‘People Feel’ EP (Blowtorch Records) [electronic/dance/new wave]
  27. None of Your Concern ‘Spectral’ EP [darkwave/electronic/cold wave/post punk]
  28. Old Moon  ‘Under All Skies’ EP (Relief Map Records) [post punk/jangle pop]
  29. Pastel  ‘Isaiah’ EP (Spirit of Spike Island) [indie/brit rock]
  30. Priestgate  ‘Eyes Closed For The Winter’ EP (Lucky Number & Mirror Music Group) [dream-punk]
  31. Public Body ‘Flavour of Labour’ EP (Six Tonnes De Chair Records) [post punk/alt]
  32. Same Eyes ‘Victory’ EP [synthpop/synthwave]
  33. SCHONWALD ‘FORMULA’ EP [dark wave/cold wave]
  34. Sham Family  ‘Sham Family’ EP (Wavy Haze Records) [post punk]
  35. Silent Star ‘The Cross Of Stamford Hill’ EP [coldwave/darkwave]
  36. SPRINTS  ‘Modern Job’ EP (Nice Swan Records) [post-punk/garage]
  37. Staples ‘Everything Will Be Okay’ EP [indie rock/alt]
  38. Sylphomatic ‘Eyes on Karman’ EP (Nein Records) [electronic/dark disco]
  39. Tout Debord ‘Ça ne veut rien dire’ EP (Detriti Records) [minimal wave/post-punk/synthwave]
  40. The Belligerents ‘another way of living’ EP (Sony) [psych pop]
  41. The Blinders  ‘Electric Kool-Aid (Part 1)’ EP [alt-rock]
  42. The Death Of Pop  ‘For A Minute’ EP (Discos De Kirlian/Hidden Bay) [jangle-pop/dream pop/indie pop]
  43. The Pleasures Pale ‘Twitch’ EP [jangle pop/post-punk]
  44. The Red Dots ‘Collapse’ EP [darkwave/synthpop]
  45. The Sea at Midnight ‘Oceans’ EP [post punk/coldwave/synthwave]
  46. True Body ‘Temple Of Song’ EP (Funeral Party) [post punk/dream pop/alt]
  47. ULTRA SUNN  ‘Night Is Mine EP – Vorwärts Edition’ (Cold Transmission) [coldwave/EBM]
  48. Vincent Christ  ‘Kil St. Clare’ EP [indie rock/new wave/glam/post-punk]
  49. Virgins  ‘Transmit A Little Heaven’ EP (Blowtorch Records) [shoegaze]
  50. Youth Sector   ‘Adult Contemporary’ EP (Family Values) [art-rock]

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