Kosmetika Release New Single “Eighty Four”

Kosmetika Release New Single "Eighty Four"
Kosmetika “Eighty Four”

Melbourne post punk/garage pop/krautrock/art pop band Kosmetika have released their new single “Eighty Four“.

The song features on their upcoming second album ‘Illustration‘, set to be released on April 21 via Poilsport Records. Pre-order the album here.

Speaking to Gimmie Mag, band member Veeka Nazarova said of the track: “’Eighty Four’ was one of the first tracks that Mikey and I wrote for Illustration. I would say it’s about a love/hate relationship with the Internet. If you were to translate the lyrics from Russian to English it would read quite abstract, sort of like a collage – a bunch of very surrealistic images mashed together, but overall lyrically it does have this slightly creepy feel to it, despite being a very funky upbeat song.”

For instance, in one of the verses I’m describing a moment of me reading a book as a kid and vividly imagining all the characters as if they were right in front of me,  just this very special feeling when you are connecting with a book on a personal level. Then on the other hand there is a time when the internet becomes more advanced  and takes over humanity, so in the lyrics I refer to the Internet as ‘the water cycle effect’, how it all starts from one drop and slowly turns into rain, makes up a river then evaporates and it happens all over again.”

Throughout the whole song there is a dialogue between one of my favourite book writers of all time Gogol and ‘the kids’ and it’s him trying to get all the kids to stand up against the Internet and stop them from looking at the screens and being miserable. In the end of the song the Internet supposedly crashes forever.”

Take a listen below.

Illustration Tracklist:
  1. Strawberry Needles
  2. Psycho TV
  3. House
  4. Eighty Four
  5. Pick Up The Phone
  6. Opaque
  7. Institute of Kosmetika
  8. Mne Nadoeli
  9. Mokryj Asphalt
  10. Rosaleen
  11. Growing Up