Kraków Loves Adana Announce New LP ‘Oceanflower’

Hamburg synthpop/darkwave duo Kraków Loves Adana (Deniz Çiçek & Robert Heitmann) have announced the release of their seventh studio album ‘Oceanflower‘.  

The 10-track album will be out on out February 14th 2023. Get it here.

Kraków Loves Adana formed in 2006 after eyeing each other for months at the same nightclubs in Germany. The group’s guitar-driven electronic ballads echo dream pop with a melancholic edge.

Check out the album’s tracklist and watch the video for new single “When The Storm Comes“, below.

Oceanflower Tracklisting:

  1. See It Bloom
  2. When The Storm Comes (feat. Ruth Radelet & Adam Miller)
  3. Nobody’s Child
  4. In Memories (feat. Adam Miller & Nat Walker)
  5. A Different Reaction
  6. Hiding In My Room
  7. Love Love Love
  8. Oh Mother
  9. Sorrows In The Sun
  10. Aries Moon