Kraków Loves Adana “(Feels Like) Heaven” – Fiction Factory Cover

Kraków Loves Adana "(Feels Like) Heaven" - Fiction Factory cover

Hamburg-based synth pop/darkwave duo Kraków Loves Adana (made up of Deniz Çiçek & Robert Heitmann) have dropped their cover version of Fiction Factory’s classic “(Feels Like) Heaven“.

Speaking about it, Çiçek says:

I’ve been a fan of this song forever and wanted to carve out its lyrical essence with my own version. I felt very comfortable recording this song, be it from a musical and also from a vocal range point of view. The mood is melancholic yet content, making it a perfect late summer tune 🧡.

(Feels Like) Heaven” by Scottish new wave band Fiction Factory, came out in 1983 as the second single from their debut studio album Throw the Warped Wheel Out (1984). Written by the band’s singer Kevin Patterson and keyboard player Eddie Jordan in Patterson’s bedroom, the classic single reached number six in the UK charts in January 1984.

After splitting up in 1987, Fiction Factory briefly reformed 5 ago for a one-off appearance at the Rewind Scotland festival at Scone Palace.

Get the cover here and stream it below.

Kraków Loves Adana “(Feels Like) Heaven”

The duo’s seventh studio album ‘Oceanflower‘, came out earlier this year (February 14). Get it here if you haven’t already.

“(Feels Like) Heaven” Lyrics:

Heaven is closer now today
The sound is in my ears
I can’t believe the things you say
They echo what I fear
Twisting the bones until they snap
I scream but no one knows
You say I’m familiar, cold to touch
And then you turn and go

Feels like Heaven
Feels like Heaven

See how we planned for saddened eyes
And tears to pave the way
I fought the fever as I knew
My hair returned to gray
Study your face and fade the frame
Too close for comfort now
We can recall the harmony
That lingered but turned sour

Feels like Heaven
Feels like Heaven