Kristian North Announces New Album ‘Pseudoscience Fiction’

Kristian North Announces New Album 'Pseudoscience Fiction'
Photo by Georgia Graham

Montreal singer-songwriter Kristian North has announced the release of his third full-length album ‘Pseudoscience Fiction‘.

The 8-track record was produced by Renny Wilson and will be out May 19th via Mothland. Pre-order your copy here.

Pseudoscience Fiction : an assemblage that defies categorization…

With Pseudoscience Fiction, Kristian North arrives suddenly at a stark pinnacle of sonic maximalism, matched by lyrical worldbuilding that’s phantasmagoric and freaky. In the course of the eight tracks that comprise the new album, North’s deep croon guides listeners through Ballardian manmade nightmares that are equal parts startling and familiar, intimate and colossal. Like the best speculative fiction, North’s vision of the future is deeply rooted in the past.

The tracks on Pseudoscience Fiction engage deeply with the aesthetics of ‘70s soul, funk, and disco, but also make dizzying dips into the wildly disparate realms of rock opera, show tunes, and Hawaiian-tinged country, culminating in an assemblage that defies categorization.

The album’s title track, the retro-futuristic disco gem “Pseudoscience Fiction” is its most direct statement. Against a hard disco backdrop, North sets the scene: “As a swarm of locusts/ Usher in the new disease/ My fifteen minutes of celebrity.” Bootsy Collins-style bass licks wriggle through the soundscape, North’s baritone goes robotic, fat synths pulse, and sirens blare during breakdowns, all to alarming effect.

Check out the alum’s artwork and tracklist below, followed by the album’s title track.

Pseudoscience Fiction Tracklisting:

  1. Role Of The Dice
  2. Masterpiece
  3. The Masked Singer
  4. Mercy [ft. Elle Barbara]
  5. Pseudoscience Fiction
  6. Cozumel
  7. Fear Factor
  8. Cancel Your Plans