La Sécurité Release New Single/Video “Serpent”

La Sécurité Release New Single/Video "Serpent"

Montreal art punk/post punk supergroup La Sécurité have released their new single and video “Serpent“.

The track features on their upcoming debut album ‘Stay Safe!‘, set to arrive on June 16 via Mothland. Pre-order your copy here.

From its idiosyncratic introductory drumroll to its anthemic gang vocals finale, the ever-building four-to-the-floor mutant disco proposition recoils, wiggles and sizzles to the tune of Bootsy Collins-esque basslines, razor sharp guitar flurries, flanged-out synthesizer melodies and clever percussive follies. This beautiful sass parade from the art punk collective should no doubt please fans of Le Tigre, Blondie or ESG.

“This song calls out gossip and drama that occurs in friend groups. The person it is directed towards loves dancing. It’s a pretty dancey song. We hope they dance to it,” said the band.

Of the video they added: “It all started with a glitch on the videotape. Images from the animated film Sonic intertwined with footage of us performing ‘Serpent’ live. Then, the idea was to create a synchronicity between the sound and different performances captured during SXSW in Texas. An enthralling short film. Guaranteed fun.”

Watch/listen below.

La Sécurité “Serpent”

Sometimes tackling knotty themes such as mental health, lost or the autonomization of women, other times affectionately musing about friendship, video games or even tardiness, La Sécurité’s songs are all about benevolence, caring for eachother in the face of omnipresent danger, and dancing as a means to revolution.