Las Robertas Air New Single/Video “Love is the Answer”

Las Robertas Air New Single/Video "Love is the Answer"

Costa Rican psych-rockers Las Robertas have aired their new single “Love is the Answer” alongside an accompanying video.

The song serves as the title track of their brand new album ‘Love is the Answer‘, out today, February 3 via Kanine Records. Buy your copy here.

A blend of 90s rock, shoegaze and drenched in influence from psyche rock, the album delivers nine measures of raw, fuzzed out, guitar driven brilliance with an infectious pop edge.

Growing up in Costa Rica, an ecological country known for its biodiversity, the band found solace in the nature that surrounded them and gravitated towards each other at a young age for their joint love of music.

Lyrically the LP finds love towards the universe, individual freedom and hope in a time where the world seems ever closer to being consumed in chaos. “It is what pain sounds like,” Felipe says of the album. “But if you go beyond the sad layers of the songs, you’ll end up with guidance  full of hope and strength to keep on going.”

Watch /listen below.

Las Robertas “Love is the Answer”

Love is the Answer Tracklist

  1. Love is the Answer
  2. Sonora
  3. Our Imperium
  4. Season of No Reason
  5. Awakening
  6. F.
  7. Windows
  8. Third Door
  9. So Cool (digital only)