Lauds Drop New Single “Honest”

Lauds Drop New Single "Honest"

Wilmington, NC-based jangle pop/dream pop/lo-fi pop band Lauds have dropped their new single “Honest“.

The song it out now through Spirit Goth Records, and is their first new material since their album “Imitation Life“, released in January last year. Buy it here.

‘Honest’ is the band’s stab at “pure pop” bringing in an even catchier and janglier sound you’ll love.

Take a listen below.

Lauds “Honest”

About Lauds

Lauds formed in the spring of 2019 by songwriters McKay Glasgow and J. Holt Evans III. Bonding over their love of Slowdive and Neil Young, the band plays in the style of the former while channeling some of latter’s more untamed guitarscapes. Glasgow and Evans were both craving an outlet to make guitar-oriented rock music, and Lauds is the result. Glasgow is also a member of Tumbleweed, a folk-rock group, but had songwriting ideas that didn’t fit within their confines. Teaming up with Evans, who has spent a lot of his free time in recent years recording reverbed-out bedroom pop songs, the two founded Lauds as a project to unleash their Jazzmaster ambitions.

Their debut LP Imitation Life, is a blend of the brooding melodicism of The Cure, the shoegaze of Ride or Slowdive, the atmospherics of Siouxsie and the Banshees and the wall of sound created by two lead guitars that features most prominently in work by the likes of The Chameleons.