Leftfield Unveil New Single/Video “Full Way Round” ft. Grian Chatten

Leftfield Unveil New Single/Video "Full Way Round" ft. Grian Chatten

British seminal electronic music pioneers Leftfield have unveiled their new single “Full Way Round” featuring Fontaines DC frontman Grian Chatten.

The track features on their upcoming album ‘This Is What We Do‘, which will be out on December 2 via Virgin Records. Pre-order it here.

Speaking about it, Leftfield comment:

“‘Full Way Round’ was a perfect collaboration between beats and good vibes. Hard work and fun. Grian’s vocal is a free-flowing journey to be felt and experienced, rather than analysed, his energy and enthusiasm spits out from the speakers. Whenever I hear it, I’m reminded of the excitement in the studio when he recorded it.”

Watch/listen below.

Leftfield “Full Way Round” ft Grian Chatten

Originally comprised of Neil Barnes and Paul Daley, Leftfield have been at the cutting edge of dance music since the 1990s, their albums have become some of the most influential electronic records of all time around the world. Their debut LP Leftism was widely regarded as one of the most boundary-pushing electronic LPs ever released.

In 2010, Neil Barnes reignited the Leftfield name and released the acclaimed album ‘Alternative Light Source’, touring the world with the full live band. Neil is also a top-tier DJ and record collector unleashing modern dance floor weapons, selling out venues, headlining festivals and creating some amazing nights with his sets.