Leggy Reveal Music Video For “Lipstick on the Mic”

Leggy Reveal Music Video For "Lipstick on the Mic"

Cincinnati lush punk/garage pop band Leggy have revealed the video for “Lipstick on the Mic“.

The song is part of our current playlist and came out last month (Sept 23). Buy it here.

Of the track, Leggy states: “Growing up watching music videos was one of my favorite past times . Everyday after school I watched TRL and VH1 and tried to get in as much content as I could before my mom got home from work . The best was when my bro and I were allowed to watch Mtv2 and Fuse late at night and I could watch the videos of all the hot emo and indie boys I loved 0:).”

“I always wanted to make a classic slow motion house party video myself someday . And Leggy finally did it !!!! this was filmed at my house in Cincinnati this summer.” 

Watch the video below.

Leggy “Lipstick on the Mic”