Letting Up Despite Great Faults Release “Gleam”

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Release "Gleam"

Austin, TX-based indie pop/dream pop/shoegaze band Letting Up Despite Great Faults have released their new single “Gleam“, and its accompanying music video.

The song features on their upcoming edition of their acclaimed debut self-titled album, released in 2009. ‘Letting Up Despite Great Faults (15th Anniversary Extended Edition)’, will be out on March 8, including demos and 3 previously unreleased tracks “Gleam”, “Figurines”, and “Her Lower”. Pre-order it here.

Commenting on the track, they say: “The year was 2009, I was preparing to release our first album and was too afraid to put this song on there. It was a little too poppy, cheesy, too much of me singing. 15 years later, I’m not sure I’ve become wiser but I definitely have shed a bunch of insecurities. Helping me celebrate this herculean feat is Director Paige Glover and Cinematographer Evelyn Williams with a new video for this song. They and all the wonderful actors are basically my age when I wrote this song and they captured everything we are in our youth- invincible yet the most vulnerable, innocent yet the bravest we’ll ever be. Here’s to that little kid inside all of us.”

Watch/listen below.


  1. In Steps
  2. Folding Under Stories Told
  3. The Colors Aren’t You or Me
  4. Our Younger Noise
  5. Pause
  6. So Fast: You
  7. Photograph Shakes
  8. Sun Drips
  9. Release
  10. Gleam*
  11. Figurines*
  12. Her Lower*
  13. Pretend**
  14. Our Younger Noise (Demo)**
  15. Release (Demo)**

*previously unreleased
**digital only (not included on Vinyl)