LNC Return With New Single “Crush”

LNC Return With New Single "Crush"
LNC “Crush”

Nottingham-based indie rock band LNC have returned with their new single “Crush“.

Formed in 2016, this four-piece delivers engaging and thought-provoking music that is a dark, swirling fusion of indie pop/rock with reminiscent nostalgic licks of post-Bunnymen-inspired psychedelia.

Driven by the palatial voice and infectious persona of front man, Josh Price (Vocal/Guitar) and the frequently brilliant work of wingman Jacob ‘Jimmy’ Bettinson (Lead Guitar), their light-hearted and enigmatic lyrics mix elegantly with cinematically Baroque post-punk melodies. United by a steely backbone rhythm section delivered by Jordan Wright (Bass) and Josh Bell (Drums) who combine to supply the powerful dark embers needed to complete the bands mystic and moody sonic undertones.

During the Covid-19 outbreak LNC continue to hone their craft resulting in the band’s next recording, ‘0115, which sparked an overwhelming response from national radio plays, including BBC Sport, , who featured the single as the lead background music to one of their main events. Further LNC releases ‘Desmond’ (February 2021) and ‘Bones’ (May 2021), took the band to a whole new level.

In June last year they released the single “Circles” which attracted UK & US radio, thus encouraging the boys back into the studio to record the now music industry acclaimed single “Crush”.

Get it here and take a listen below.