Local Suicide Air “Homme Fatal feat The Hidden Cameras” Video

Local Suicide Air "Homme Fatal feat The Hidden Cameras" Video

Berlin based producer/DJ duo Local Suicide have aired the video for “Homme Fatal featuring The Hidden Cameras“.

The track features on their debut album ‘Eros Anikate’, which came out in May last year through their label Iptamenos Discos. Grab your copy here.

Local Suicide joined forces with one of Canada’s most mercurial legends Joel Gibb aka The Hidden Cameras, an artist known for his raucous and legendary performances with his gang of musical provocateurs, a musical celebrator of freedom and sexuality. The result is ‘Homme Fatal‘, a liberating march to the sound of rusty synths, heavy kicks and staggering snares married with the sassy & classy voice of Joel Gibb, nothing short of an EBM anthem that is meant for the club stage.

With a stompy rhythm 4/4 beat that dictates the pace of the track, Homme Fatal is a real headbanger that leads you into the land of the club and keeps you amongst the debauchery within. The listeners are teletransported to the wild nights of Berlin, where the music is stomping, the atmosphere is buzzing and the people are free.

Watch the Zaher Jureidini &Ondřej Teplý-directed video below.

Local Suicide “Homme Fatal”

Eros Anikate Tracklist:

  1. High Buildings w/ Lee Stevens
  2. Whispering w/ Curses
  3. Moustache w/ Skelesys
  4. Jam Bounce Release w/ Theus Mago
  5. Hercules Adonis
  6. PHD In Apology
  7. Like Follow Subscribe feat. Hard Ton
  8. Homme Fatal feat. The Hidden Cameras
  9. Cobra Wave w/ Kalipo
  10. Agapi feat. Sissi Rada
  11. Eros Anikate feat. Lena Platonos

Photo credit: Jany Zindel