Local Suicide & Curses Share “It All Sounds The Same”

Local Suicide & Curses Share "It All Sounds The Same"
Local Suicide & Curses “It All Sounds The Same”

Berlin based producer/DJ duo Local Suicide and Berlin-based nu-disco/house/techno producer Curses have shared their collaborative new single  “It All Sounds The Same“.

The track features on their upcoming EP ‘Magia’, due to be released on February 24 through Iptamenos Discos. Pre-order your copy here.

When Greco-German couple Local Suicide and New York City native Curses met in Berlin, the epicenter of electronic music, their artistic chemistry was immediately obvious. This release represents the perfect opportunity for the artists to take the genre-bending blend of 80’s new wave, dark disco and ghostly vocals that have earned their previous collaborations unanimous praise to a whole new level. 

The EP comes after an impressively prolific year for the ever-busy Local Suicide powerhouse, following the release of their globally acclaimed debut album ‘Eros Anikate’. 

The beautifully complex and moody ‘It All Sounds The Same’ stands out for its ethereal and ghostly vocals bleeding through the urgent rhythm. The alliteration of the lyrics contributes to creating an otherworldly, almost uneasy feeling echoed by the lonely voices lamenting that everything ‘sounds the same’.  

Take a listen below.

Multi-talented artist and head of the Ombra International label Curses also recently released his darkly romantic second album ‘Incarnadine’ with features from Jennifer Touch and Terr, following an acclaimed first album on Jennifer Cardini’s Dischi Autunno imprint. For this collaboration, he lends his distinctive sound signature that incorporates punk, Italo Disco, and EBM influences for a somber and nostalgic sound.