Local Suicide & Kalipo Unveil “Cobra Wave” Music Video

Local Suicide & Kalipo Unveil "Cobra Wave" Music Video

Berlin based producer/DJ duo Local Suicide and German DJ/producer Kalipo have unveiled the video for their collaborative single “Cobra Wave“.

The song features on their debut album ‘Eros Anikate’, released back in May through their own label Iptamenos Discos. Get your copy here.

‘Cobra Wave’ is a term coined by the duo themselves to describe their fusion of genres, it was originated when testing a new VST plugin that allows you to collaborate and create music in real time while in different locations.

They worked remotely with Kalipo (who’s part of German punkrap band Frittenbude and also part of Dina Summer), the result was a track that stays true to their oriental influences and really exemplifies the sound that they have spent years crafting.

The track starts off with groovy percussion and a bassline that gets you swinging from the start. As a high frequency synth arp comes in, the track’s energy and momentum build until a sound that resembles a snake charmers flute plays.

Eerie and enticing, it lures you out of your comfort zone to take you on a journey where you’re met with head spinning hallucinations and enchantments.

The Jade Prevost-directed video stars Jade, Tammy, Tara & Vamparela. Watch it below.

Local Suicide & Kalipo “Cobra Wave”

Eros Anikate holds true to the duo’s ‘technodisco’ sound that the couple has become so well known for, and showcases their signature style of blending a retro feeling with a modern twist.