Local Suicide Share “Whispering w/ Curses (Adana Twins Remix)”

Local Suicide Share "Whispering w/ Curses (Adana Twins Remix)"

Berlin based producer/DJ duo Local Suicide have dropped the Adana Twins Remix of their track with Curses “Whispering“.

The duo return with the third of four remix EPs for their debut album ‘Eros Anikate‘, this time named after the ancient Greek god Apollo. Pre-order your copy here.

The couple are known for their wild fusion of new wave, acid, slow techno, as well as EBM and dark disco and have been driving live audiences into a frenzy across the globe with captivating performances and live sets.

‘Eros Anikate – Apollo Remixes’ is a 4-track EP featuring a remix for ‘Whispering w/ Curses’, ‘Moustache w/ Skelesys’, ‘Like Follow Subscribe feat. Hard Ton’, and ‘PHD In Apology’.

The EP opens with a remix of ‘Whispering’ by the legendary, Berlin-based duo, Adana Twins. Since their first big break in 2012, the duo have established a sterling reputation, constantly refining their sound, pushing the boundaries of their musical ambition and evolving organically over time.

Their remix of ‘Whispering’ strips back the synths and guitars, placing the bass at the forefront to drive the track while Curses’ dark, 80s-inspired vocals dance among Dina’s echoing whispers.

Listen to “Whispering (Adana Twins Remix)” below.