Local Suicide & Skelesys Air New Single “Surface Of The Sun”

Local Suicide & Skelesys Air New Single "Surface Of The Sun"
Local Suicide & Skelesys “Surface Of The Sun”

Berlin based producer/DJ duo Local Suicide and Buenos Aires native DJ/producer & multi-instrumentalist Skelesys have aired their new single “Surface Of The Sun“.

The track features on their upcoming EP ‘In Space We Roam‘ due to be release on August 4th via Iptamenos Discos. Pre-order it here.

Diverging from the softer and mystical vocals of the title song, Surface of the Sun moves us towards the dark side. A forceful, mysterious and punchy baseline is accompanied by a deep vocal, grooving synths and lush pads to make you feel, well, hot. This is the kind of tune that you want to hear when everyone is feeling collectively sweaty and sexy, like the sun melts all that enters too close, this tune is sure to melt you too.

Neu-Romancer is a musician, producer, and DJ originally from Fremantle in Western Australia and now based in Berlin. Despite her tight schedule as the bassist on Zanias’ live-tour, the ever-busy artist delivers a joyful remix of ‘Surface Of The Sun’, that increases the tempo and adds upbeat and blissful synths, gritty drums, melodic plucks and musing pads with faded echoes and ethereal whispers intermingle above the haunting growl, creating an otherworldly atmosphere.

Take a listen below.

This scorching new offering follows the trio’s highly acclaimed sensation ‘Moustache’, which amassed an impressive quarter-million streams on Spotify alone and garnered support from renowned artists like Erol Alkan, Joyce Muniz and Curses among others. Far from slowing down, the trio also released EPs together on Snap, Crackle & Pop, Samo Records and on compilations by Eskimo Recordings, Ombra INTL, Logical Records and Sum Over Histories.