Local Suicide & Skelesys Drop “Surface Of The Sun” Music Video

Local Suicide & Skelesys Drop “Surface Of The Sun” Music Video
Local Suicide & Skelesys

Berlin based producer/DJ duo Local Suicide and Buenos Aires native DJ/producer & multi-instrumentalist Skelesys have dropped the video for their latest single “Surface Of The Sun“.

The track features on their recent EP ‘In Space We Roam‘ released in August via Iptamenos Discos. Get it here.

Diverging from the softer and mystical vocals, Surface of the Sun moves us towards the dark side. A forceful, mysterious and punchy baseline is accompanied by a deep vocal, grooving synths and lush pads to make you feel, well, hot. This is the kind of tune that you want to hear when everyone is feeling collectively sweaty and sexy, like the sun melts all that enters too close, this tune is sure to melt you too.

Watch the Jany Zindel video below.

Iptamenos Discos label founders Brax Moody and Vamparela aka Local Suicide, are known for coining the term ‘Technodisco’, which describes their influential and distinctive sound that combines elements of New Wave, EBM, Disco, and Techno.

Skelesys, draws inspiration from a myriad of influences, including hard rock, sci-fi and horror. His works straddle the line between post-punk, wave and future influences, resulting in a trademark genre-blending and unmistakable sound.

In Space We Roam Tracklist:
  1. In Space We Roam
  2. Surface Of The Sun
  3. In Space We Roam (Psycho Weazel Remix)
  4. Surface Of The Sun (Neu-Romancer Remix)
  5. In Space We Roam (Radio Edit)
  6. Surface Of The Sun (Radio Edit)