Local Suicide & Skelesys Unveil New Single “In Space We Roam”

Local Suicide & Skelesys Unveil New Single "In Space We Roam"

Berlin based producer/DJ duo Local Suicide and Buenos Aires native DJ/producer & multi-instrumentalist Skelesys have unveiled their collaborative new single “In Space We Roam“.

The song serves as the title track of their collaborative EP due out on August 4th via Iptamenos Discos. Pre-order it here.

The four-track EP includes two original tracks and two remixes by Psycho Weazel and Neu-Romancer.

‘In Space We Roam’, focuses on a dark rolling baseline and soft mystical vocals that suggest “the future is now”. Accompanied with punchy drums, floaty synths, and glitchy spaceship like sounds, this tune is sure to take you in to a space of your own. The intricate combination of layers evokes images of a galactic journey towards an uncertain fate.

This tune aims to make the listener feel that we are all part of a journey together, forever adapting and changing in ourselves, we are also sure to feel a collective sense of growth and discovery. No one is alone in the moments that we roam.

Take a listen below.

DJ/Producer duo & couple, and Iptamenos Discos label founders Brax Moody and Vamparela, make up Local Suicide. They are known for coining the term ‘Technodisco’, which describes their influential and distinctive sound that combines elements of New Wave, EBM, Disco, and Techno.

Skelesys, a Berlin-based Argentinian producer, DJ, and live act. Drawing inspiration from a myriad of influences, including hard rock, sci-fi and horror, his works straddle the line between post-punk, wave and future influences, resulting in a trademark genre-blending and unmistakable sound.

In Space We Roam Tracklist:
  1. In Space We Roam
  2. Surface Of The Sun
  3. In Space We Roam (Psycho Weazel Remix)
  4. Surface Of The Sun (Neu-Romancer Remix)
  5. In Space We Roam (Radio Edit)
  6. Surface Of The Sun (Radio Edit)