Local Suicide Unveil “Eros Anikate” Music Video

Local Suicide Unveil "Eros Anikate" Music Video

Berlin based producer/DJ duo Local Suicide have aired the video for their latest single “Eros Anikate feat. Lena Platonos“.

The track features on their debut album ‘Eros Anikate’, which came out in May through their label Iptamenos Discos. Grab your copy here.

‘Eros Anikate’ means ‘love invincible’ in Greek. Ethereal and hazy, the track awakens you out of the rather heavy and hypnotic dream into a much clearer reality, it features vocals by Greek multi-talented artist Lena Platonos, who recites a part of Sophocles’ Antigone in ancient Greek from around the year 440bc.

The track ends the album on quite an emotive note with ethereal pads and a slow moving arpeggiated synth, that helps maintain flow and movement, while the bass is synched perfectly with it.

Watch the clip below.

Local Suicide “Eros Anikate”

The album holds true to the duo’s ‘technodisco’ sound that the couple has become so well known for and showcases their signature style of blending a retro feeling with a modern twist. In usual Local Suicide fashion, the duo’s debut showcases tongue in cheek modern-day circumstances, mystical adventures, and moody baselines; all tied up with the promises of happy endings.

Inspired by the travels and experiences they encountered throughout the pandemic, the record is also a love letter to the friends they met during their career.