Low Island Reveal New Single “Robin”

Low Island Reveal New Single "Robin"
Low Island “Robin”

Oxford indie dance/alt quartet Low Island have revealed their new single “Robin“.

The song is taken from their upcoming second album ‘Life In Miniature’, set to arrive on November 4th via their own label Emotional Interference. Pre-order your copy here.

Commenting on the track, they say:

“‘Robin’ is named after Carlos’ late grandfather. Where our previous single ‘Forever Is Too Long’ took his words and placed them at the heart of the song, ‘Robin’ takes his things: the track begins and ends with a recording of Carlos’ great grandmother and great aunt that he found at the bottom of his grandfather’s chest-of-drawers, and a sample of his piano features in the song’s bridge.”

Robin has left the nest and has taken to the skies.
Will she soar? Who knows. That’s for you, God and an algorithm to decide.

Stream it below.

Moving on from the promise of their debut, ‘Life In Miniature’ aims to overhaul their methodologies, while remaining true to their melodic instincts. Low Island label it a “sonic photo album; a journey through three years of accelerated change that felt like a lifetime…”

Life In Miniature Tracklist:

  1. Goodbye Bluefin
  2. Can’t Forget
  3. Kid Gloves
  4. Forever Is Too Long
  5. Robin
  6. You & Me
  7. Words Are Out Of Reach
  8. Come A Long Way
  9. Wasn’t For Nothing
  10. Into The Blue
  11. Life In Miniature