Madeline Goldstein Shares “Seed of Doubt” Music Video

Madeline Goldstein Shares "Seed of Doubt" Music Video

Los Angeles, CA synthwave/synthpop/indie electronic artist Madeline Goldstein has shared the video for her newest single “Seed of Doubt“, off her upcoming EP ‘Other World‘.

Madeline explains:

Seed of Doubt is the first song off my upcoming EP, Other World – an project that speaks to the restlessness of alienation and isolation, the longing to move, to feel power, and to flee. It pulls from the influence of femme 80s icons, and strides to carve its’ own path in the growing dark wave / new wave scene.

The video, self-directed with Chad Fjerstad (More Ephemerol, VR SEX),  serves as a metaphor for the psyche itself, inspired by flights of fancy and the vastness of being alone in your own mind.

Get the track here and watch the video below.

Madeline Goldstein “Seed of Doubt” Lyrics:

I let you leave me under the streetlights –
What a cold way to end a warm LA night
Breathing in smoke and various lifetimes
Exhale out, I’ll be better maybe next time

Close my eyes all I see is your face
Why can’t I live my dreaming night in peace?
Terror from darker visions in my head
Touch my lips to fingertips and wipe away the tears again

Wash me down drink me up til I’m all out
Nothing left – nothing here except a seed of your doubt
I could be a vision of every fire
Burning up the kind of man the feeds on innocent desire